Digital Virtual Engineering for your path to

climate neutrality

We support you to achieve your climate targets.

As a technical consultancy, we use Virtual Engineering and data integration to create a comprehensive and holistic digital representation of your project, development, product or asset.

Our solutions comply with European and international sustainability and climate goals. They address all economic, ecological and social aspects.

This is how you can contribute in a very tangible way to mitigating the effects of climate change already in this decade.

At the same time, our offer enables you to avoid carbon emissions, conserve resources and still meet the infrastructure demands of a globally growing urban population.

Key sectors of our activities

Decarbonisation of the Built Environment

Developing technological measures to mitigate climate change by reductions of embodied and operational carbon emissions.

  • Low Energy Design
  • Evaluation of sustainability requirements of building rating standards (Compliance)
  • Building Physics
  • Particular emphasis on water as a resource

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Sustainable Product Development

Establishing integrative digital design and simulation processes to improve understanding and lucidity in planning processes and developments under direct participation of the human target group.

  • Circular economy solutions
  • Integral multiphysics modelling considering realistic environmental conditions.
  • Coupled physiochemical-biological processes

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Digital Green Tech

Improving the design and development process through Co-Simulation and integration of software, data and geo-information.

  • Workflow Streamlining
  • Procedural, Parametric and Generative Design using Artificial Intelligence
  • Visualisation solutions with Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

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Virtual Engineering methods applied

Virtual Engineering integrates design, simulation, testing and analysis for a continuous process of product development and optimisation. From equation-based and procedural modelling to visual and predictive analytics as well as prediction and forecasting using methods of machine mearning.


Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics


Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis


Reduced Order Modelling

Reduced Order Modelling


Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling


Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning

Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning


Our Virtual Engineering solutions can be applied in all planning phases.

Even in the case of the most complex interdisciplinary problems, they offer the opportunity of determining spatially distributed parameters and time-dependent characteristics of your project in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. These provide your investigations and planning a significantly higher information value. Possible reasons for non-optimal performance indicators and increased risks are identified more quickly and easily and are corrected automatically. Such design feedback is achieved through seamless integration of new digital processes with proven engineering methods and software.

Simulations and analyses are auditable and can be made available to your stakeholders and the public in a high-quality visual and immersive User Experience.

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We are committed to support you in reconciling your digitisation projects and sustainability goals.

The cornerstone of your sustainable business strategy is knowledge about the right methods, technologies and tools, as well as their optimal and professional implementation.

We will guide you in enabling digital and climate-resilient innovations in order to create better offers, products and business models and to secure your competitive advantage in the long term.


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