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Hommel & Graf Environmental is run by long-standing experts in climate science, meteorology, fluid dynamics and data science.


At Hommel & Graf Environmental we use the most sophisticated computational methods to investigate complex processes in the context of resource and infrastructure environments. In close collaboration with our customers, we deliver bespoke solutions providing economic value by coupling virtual prototyping with case-specific data resources, thus reinforcing our customers' technological and innovation leadership.

Climate Change Consultancy

Advise on any questions concerning climate change

Help to understand consequences of the changing environment

Develop mitigation and adaption strategies

Meteorological Engineering

Meteorological Engineering

Use our API to incorporate real weather phenomena into your development process

Pre-compiled weather process modules available for various CFD & FEM packages

Development of tailored individual analytics & software solutions

Weather Intelligence

Assessing and predicting critical processes related to weather situations and changing climate


Data science

High-performance visualisation

Industrial Solutions

Turbulence & Wake Effects

Prediction of turbulent structures, vortex strengths and wake effects in atmospheric and marine environments. Impact of turbulence on obstacles in the industrial and urban infrastructure, taking into account meteorological situations and weather conditions. Assessing risks associated with the occurrence of dynamical instabilities induced by unsteady flow fields.

Wind Engineering

Assessing the interaction between the atmospheric boundary layer and structural engineering facilities. Calculation of wind loads, fully considering turbulent effects and wake impacts, meteorology, and weather. Development of concepts for wind-related disaster risk reduction in the fields of architecture, building construction, urban and regional planning.

Moist Micro-Climate on High Rise Structures

Simulating the microclimate around high-rise buildings under realistic weather and ventilation conditions. Predicting the thermal comfort, heating, ventilation and energy demands, considering critical scenarios. Development of sustainable and self-sufficient building concepts, including GHG-emissions, in integrated design processes.

Urban Micro-Climate

Simulating the wind environment and thermal comfort at the pedestrian level in urban areas. Natural ventilation of city surfaces with moisture and precipitation effects. Developing mitigating strategies against health-threatening heat stress, for instance by transpirational cooling of vegetation (street canyon planting, facade, and roof-top greening).

Meteorology-Coupled Renewable Energy CFD (Wind & Solar)

Site and energy yield optimization of wind (On- and Offshore) and solar farms in complex terrain and extreme climate (cold, hot, moist). Accounting for the intrinsic turbulent nature of the atmospheric boundary layer and the diurnal cycle of atmospheric stability. Short-term wind, cloudiness and dust deposition forecasting. Assessing environmental impacts of demanding wind farming in coastal regions.

Marine Environment Fluid Dynamics

Simulating complex interactions between the underwater environment, waves, the atmosphere, and sediments. Release, dispersion, and removal of particulate matters. Scouring of offshore foundations. Assessing flood-risk on complex sites, pollution dispersal, erosion. Supporting the implementation of control and monitoring systems.

Dust And Ice Deposition

Assessing the impact of dust deposition and accumulation on surfaces impacting solar panel’s power yield. Agglomeration of dust and other particulate matter in moist environments and under the influence of air pollution. Ice deposition on cold environment wind energy facilities.

Environmental CFD

Development of models to predict environmental processes in urban and rural areas. Determination of factors influencing the human and environmental health. Air and marine pollution, considering chemical dynamics. Marine waste disposal infrastructures. Wind- and flood-related disaster risk reduction. Assessing impacts and risks from any resource development.

General Purpose CFD For Design And Development

Full-scale simulations of highly-coupled physical and chemical processes of industrial manufacturing. Virtual prototyping and optimization of product design. HVAC. Particulate nano-material nucleation and dynamics. Dynamics of particle-laden environments.

About Us

Hommel & Graf Environmental is organised as a collaborative alliance of associated researchers and engineers, operating from our head office in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 2013 by Dr. René Hommel, in the first years the company focussed on the development of micrositing models for renewable energy projects. Later the service portfolio has been expanded and covered a wide range of atmospheric environmental modeling. In 2014 we started developing general purpose meteorological models that are seamlessly integrable into CAE systems (CFD/FEM).

In 2016 we advanced our mission in addressing challenging problems concomitant with climate change and prospects of progressing urbanisation. We have teamed up with Prof. em. Dr. Sc. Hans-F. Graf, a leading climate researcher, and meteorologist, who held the Chair on Environmental Systems Analysis at the Cambridge University (UK) until his retirement in December 2015. He is continuing research as a Visiting Scientist of the Chinese Academy of Science since 2016, where he mainly works at the Centre for Monsoon Studies in Beijing. Prof. Graf has published more than 180 scientific articles, chapters, and reports on various fields in Environmental and Climate science (publications list). He worked as PI in a large number of national and international research projects and is a consultant at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics of the CAS in Beijing, member of the Scientific Advisory Board of MeteoBlue, Basel, and gives regularly advise to the City University Hongkong and the Finish Academy of Sciences. Prof. Graf's expertise covers all scales of the climate system, from microphysics of clouds to global circulation. Recently, he is actively studying climatic anomalies related to EL Niño, local to regional extremes related to future climate and the links between Asian Monsoon and global weather anomalies.

Our associates have a long track record in project management and have a broad experience in climate science, meteorology, geoscience, and numerical fluid dynamics. Depending on our customer's needs we tailor our services and establish skilled and experienced teams to execute development plans.

Dr Rene Hommel
Dr. René Hommel

Executive Partner, Hamburg

Tel: +49-40-28 41 67 82

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Prof. Hans F. Graf
Prof. Dr. Hans-F. Graf

Executive Partner, Göttingen

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